Monday, May 21, 2012

Back to My Granny Roses

We're home from our travel van trip to Ohio. 

 I managed to fit a little bit of crocheting in between visiting with three brothers and the RV Rally folks. 

We did more socializing in one week than we do all year! 


The body of my Christmas Granny Rose throw is finished. 

 A total of eighty one roses - half red and half green!

All joined with red yarn.

Now I'm working on the border of white granny roses. 

At first I thought I would join the white roses with the light green yarn but wasn't happy with it so I tried a join in red to compare the two.

I like the red yarn join better than the green on the white granny rose squares so that's how I will continue.

I've made five of the white granny rose squares so far...only 35 more to do. HA!

Not to toot my own horn but this throw is so beautiful...never thought I could ever make something this lovely. I've wanted a red rose throw ever since I saw one on Kim's (Daisy Cottage) blog. She found one at a yard sale that was stunning for less than $5!

Showing off more RED - this is a photo of a Red Bird of Paradise! (Source Pinterest)

 Isn't it beautiful! 

I had heard of this bird but never saw a photo of one before.

Not everything is sunshine and roses here.  

It's completely overcast here with rain off and on...I so wanted to do some yard work and our shed's flower boxes this week. And rain is forecasted the rest of the week. 

 Crap is all I can say.

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  1. Your "Roses for Christmas" :) throw is beautiful. Glad you had a great family visit. We had a wicked thunderstorm here around 5:30 am. Sounded like bombs were exploding, and the downpour was unreal. So I can't go out in the yard, either. Oh well. xo

  2. This is so wonderful, Sandy! That's a LOT of work you've done there. I pulling for you to finish. I can't wait to see the whole thing in all its glory. It's all ready gorgeous.

  3. I love this is soo cute

  4. I want a red rose throw too! This is gorgeous.

  5. gorgeous. I like to see this picture.