Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We Went Boating!

Tuesday we went out on Lake Erie in my Hubby's brother's boat. 

 Here's the cute couple, Kevin and his lovely wife, Valerie.

Kevin relaxing while my Hubby takes the wheel.

Hubby having fun as the skipper!

We went from the Black River dock out onto Lake Erie over to the Vermilion River.

We docked and had supper here.

Great food but we couldn't sit outside because they were sandblasting a nearby bridge - it was extremely noisy.  

I said "Oh, no, I have to get in and out of the boat with people watching?"

{{{ worst nightmare }}}

But I managed ok with two sweet guys (hubby and BIL) helping me.

Luckily the boat had a nice set of stairs.   You can just see them at the bottom of this photo. 

Thank goodness because I'm not as flexible as I use to be.

It was a beautiful day and lots of fun. 

 Thank you Kevin and Valerie for inviting us out.

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  1. Sandy, Was this in PA? I like the name of the restaurant. Makes me think it was in PA. I would be the same way about getting in and out of the boat. :) xo

  2. I shall not covet. I shall not covet. I shall not covet. I shall not covet.

  3. Lovely photos, they do seem like a nice couple. And your husband sure seems to enjoy steering the boat.;) Glad you had a great day, there is noting like being out on a boat or sailing, I love that.;))