Sunday, May 6, 2012

Christmas Granny Rose

We returned from our travel van trip to Williamsburg, Virginia yesterday. 

 I managed to crochet a little bit.

For this throw I'm making three panels... 

comprised of three blocks of nine squares each...

 alternating red roses with roses in three different yarn shades of green...

 (there are four shades of green if the "leaves" are counted)

One of the green yarns, Loops & Threads in Soft Fern, has more of a yellowish cast to it. 

I'm not sure if I like that shade in this throw.   

 I used it mainly because it is acrylic and when I purchased it I thought it was a closer match to my favorite green yarn. 

Unfortunately my favorite green yarn in this throw (duh...I lost the label so I don't know what it is!!!) is the yarn I have the least of... I have just a small amount left so I am using it for the blocks with a green rose in the center block...limiting its use just the center rose of those blocks. 

 I found another cotton yarn in green that is very close to my favorite (unknown) yarn... Sugar'n Cream Scents in Aloe Vera.

So I'm alternating the cotton Sugar'n Cream Aloe Vera green roses with the slightly yellowish acrylic Threads & Loops Soft Fern green roses (two in each block) with my unknown favorite green yarn for just the center green rose square.  

Whew...I'm dizzy from all the greens!   

I'm still not sure I will use the yellowish Loops & Threads Soft Fern green - I may replace those roses with the Sugar'n Cream Aloe Vera green roses. 

 It doesn't look terrible but you know how it is when you want a certain look.

As far as joining the squares I'm experimenting with red Caron's Simply Soft yarn.  

I may join with red and green yarn rather than all red. 


I was in bed last night...all of a sudden I grabbed my iPhone and took this photo of my bench cover. 

 It's difficult to photograph in the day time - our bedroom is dark and any light coming in always cast the furniture in the dark. 

 I tried to show you what it looks like in our bedroom... that's all I can say. 


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  1. The throw is coming along nicely, I agree about the other shade of green, it does look a little too yellow-ish. The bench looks adorable. xo

  2. LOVE the granny roses! Great colors!

  3. Well I sure like the shades you have picked out for this!!

  4. Honestly, I don't like the yellowish green either. It's kind of dirty looking next to the other green. But it will be pretty no matter what you decide, Sandy. It's still really pretty just the way it is! Nice pic of your stool cover. I like how it's partially in the shade. Cool photo.

    1. I agree with you and Barbara F. and I have already replaced the yellowish green roses with the cotton Sugar'n Cream green ones. I'm much happier now. Thanks for the input - it helped me decide to redo them.

  5. I think it looks lovely! Really like the colours x