Monday, May 7, 2012

My Roses Are RED...and green!

Thanks for your suggestions regarding the icky yellowish green yarn roses! 

 Those roses have been replaced with the cotton light green roses.

These Granny Roses make an adorable garland too!

I hung them up outside yesterday to get a better photo - it's dark and overcast here.

I decided to go with the red yarn join. 

 It looks beautiful with that added pop of color.

Banner down - this one is going to be a small throw. 

But I can see a Granny Rose banner in my future!

 Doesn't it look better with the yellowish green roses removed!!!!

One panel done just two more to do....

While in Williamsburg I purchased this adorable silver unicorn charm. 

 On my first visit over 30 years ago Hubby bought me a unicorn necklace that I just love. 

 Now I have a matching charm.

Look at this cute tavern sign - would you guess it's a glass hot plate? - 

It's going to be hung on my kitchen wall.

We had two meals at the King's Arms Tavern while in Williamsburg - lunch and dinner!

And, no, I didn't have to haul water to pay for my dinner!  

Let me tell you these wooden pails are extremely heavy even when empty!

These weren't empty!   

I hate to think of the hard life of the poor slaves that had to carry these pails back and forth between the well and house every day...for washing windows (this Williamsburg home had glass windows!), dishes, bathing, name it.

Thank goodness we have running water now! 

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  1. Good Morning Sandy Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share. I loved visiting Williamsburg. Fun, fun. You look so darn cute with those two pails. I love that smile. Yes, I am so thankful for running water, I would not want to have to carry those things back and forth. A very hard life indeed.

    Love your charm. Unicorns are so beautiful. How nice to have one that matches now. Complete.

    Hope you have a glorious Monday sweetie. Thank you for sharing with me this morning. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. P.S. Oh Sandy I forgot to tell you, I simply adore your banner. Those roses really do pop with the red running between. A wonderful choice.

    Your lap cover is going to be gorgeous.

    Many hugs, Sherry

  3. Just beautiful Sandy!

  4. LOVE your granny rose garland, Sandy!.. Have a great week! ~tina

  5. I love the idea of a garland! The King's Arms is my kind of restaurant. Looks like a fun getaway. xo

  6. Love the roses! Glad you had a great time in Williamsburg. Did you visit Busch Gardens?

  7. Your granny roses are so beautiful. What a wonderful garland and your trip looks like fun!