Monday, March 26, 2012

Red in the Kitchen

I put aside the green dishcloth - it was too frustrating trying to figure out that double crochet anchor stitch (posted about here).

I'm now making a table mat for our credenza in our kitchen. My new decorating goal is to bring touches of red to our kitchen and family room.

This is my first try at a rectangle granny (pattern here).

 The center of the mat is I'm adding stripes to each side. I like the white background with the pop of red and just a touch of blue.

I just returned from our dentist (cleanings) and I have to return next week...I have a cavity that needs to be filled! Bummer!

Hope your day is going better than mine!

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  1. Hi Sandy,
    I love the little bit of blue adds just the right about of pop..Very pretty!!! Also I love your teacup wall with the chalk board under it, it looks great! You know I collect tea cups too so decorating with tea cups is just my cup of tea...Hehehe
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  2. You make my heart skip a beat with these colors!!! I can't wait to see this beautiful project finished. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Sandi, I am going to the dentist tomorrow, and it is for a cleaning but it always escalates into something more time consuming and expensive! I can't wait to see close up a lot clearer so I can see if I remember how to crochet or at least be able to read directions. xo

  4. Love .... Love ....Love red in my kitchen & have a ton of it!! It is predominately red & yellow!!
    Have a Great Week!!

  5. Your crochet is so lovely and neat. I like the red and white with blue it is unusual xxx

  6. Fabulous. You know I love the red and white.
    Finally get to the end of this cold. Not the way to start the vaca.
    Yes, I'm on Google+, but I don't like it at all.
    Off to grab my chair at the pool....full house the next two day. then quiet again at the end of the month as my friends leave. Can't wait for Scott to get down now.