Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mad About "Mad Men"

Did you watch the first episode of Season 5 "Mad Men" this past Sunday?

I did...I was almost afraid it wasn't coming back.  

Megan, Don's new 2nd wife, sang a cute, little French song for Don at a surprise 40th birthday party for him.  

I was a teenager in the 1960s and remember that decade well...the early 60s were more like the 1950s before the Beatles, Hippies and the Vietnam war era.  This season is set in we're seeing short skirts and "flower power".  I was of the generation that never and I mean NEVER got to wear short skirts to slacks or shorts either.  I loved the 1970s and the freedom to wear blue jeans to college classes!  

Here's another cute version of the song I found on Pinterest...

Gillian Hills – Zou bisou bisou (1962)

(Remember the stiff, pointy brassieres....soooooo glad they are out of fashion!!!)

Oh! Kiss kiss / My God, they are sweet! / …Oh! Kiss kiss / the sound of kisses /…Oh! Kiss kiss /…That means, I confess / But yes, I love only you!

Now I'm waiting for the new season of "The Game of Thrones" to start on April 1st!

Love good TV!
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  1. I have watched this show only once....just didn't get into it at the time, but I do love John Hamm! xo