Thursday, March 15, 2012

Works in Progress/Two-Word Verification

I have five crochet works in progress. 

 That's more than I like. 

 I find I have more success finishing projects if I do them one at a time!

What works best for you?

Changing the subject I have been unable to leave comments on blogs where word verification is required since blogger changed to the two-word verification process.

And I wondered if many of my visitors were having the same problem leaving comments on my blog...

 So I did a little research and discovered how to disable word verification on my blog (here). 

 If I have a problem with spam I may have to modify my settings. 

 Let me know if removing the nasty two word verification is an improvement. 

 Meanwhile if you notice I haven't been leaving any comments on your blog your two-word verification requirement is probably the reason.

Happy blogging!
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  1. THANK YOU! I HATE the word verification process! I wish everyone would get rid of it! I have no problem with SPAM because it is monitored for me. Hope everyone takes your advice. I don't like to have more than one project at a time because I would never finish!

  2. Hey Sandy, my friend took me to AC Moore (I still can't drive!) and I bought crochet hooks and yarn! I have so much inspiration from my visits here. Thanks also for disabling the word verification, I disabled mine a long time ago and I hope it is still off. xo

  3. Multiple projects are ok with's just that I need to stay away from Pinterest when I have multiple unfinished items because Pinterest results in MORE multiples of unfinished projects! Here here to turning off the word verification...I did an entire post on how to do it earlier this week and it seemed to be a big ol' flop as not many read it. And I made the instructions super simple too! Oh well...maybe if folks don't hear from you, it will encourage them to turn it off. Comment moderation is always a good alternative! Annette

  4. I can only cope with one project at a time, thank you for posting about word verification I have just disabled mine I didn't even know it was on.

  5. I've never had a word verification thingy on my blog and never been bothered so you should be fine. Thanks for removing the annoying thing !!!

  6. I'm liking this light blue project in your photo. Can't wait to see how it develops. :-)

  7. I have turned my word verification off and I haven't been bothered at all by spam. I have also had more people commenting. Thanks for removing it I just hope more people do!

  8. I agree....I created the above graphics (see the CQC on the red circle) to go with my post on stopping word verification ....drives me crazy! I honestly think most people don't even know they have it turned on. I have gotten good traffic to that post, so I think the news is getting around. I keep the graphic in my upper right column for all to see....trying to spread the word!

    1. I liked the graphic you created...says it all very clearly! That's why I used it. I didn't mind the one word verification too much but the two-word progress is awful. I'm glad I removed it.