Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cherry Stripes Mat

I'm working on the edging of my kitchen credenza mat which I've now named...

 "Cherry Stripes"!

 So far I've done one round of single crochet...

I'm definitely going to have to block it...going from the granny rectangle rounds to rows threw it out of whack!

The Merry Maids just left so everything is nice and clean and all my piles are gone once again.

I cleaned my stove and oven yesterday - love self cleaning ovens! I soaked the stove burner heads in hot soapy water and lightly scrubbed them with a soft toothbrush and dried them in the warm oven. One of the heads was plugged and now is working beautifully.

I tried the ammonia fume treatment I read about on Pinterest (and discovered it was also recommended by the stove manufacturer) on my black iron grates and drip pans. However, I didn't see any different results then from my usual method of using hot soapy water.  Maybe they just weren't that dirty or I should have let them sit overnight.

Of course I do!

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  1. When the kitchen is all scrubbed I feel so elated, and I do not want to cook or bake or mess it up!! Fortunately I don't have to worry about feeding anyone other than me. lol I use lemon ammonia all the time. It is a great cleaner. xo

  2. What a fabulous kitchen! Big, airy, with lots of workspace. Wish I had your talent!

  3. You are so smart to crochet! It's gonna be so cute!