Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I ❤ Black Beauty!

Black Beauty...this is my favorite childhood book!

And it's only one of two childhood books I have for two reasons...mainly because books weren't purchased back in the 50s like they are now....we used the library plus my Mother kept a very clutter free home.
What little girl didn't grow up loving horses especially this beautiful black beauty!

I loved the beautiful illustrations by Phoebe Erickson!
(Black Beauty by Anna Sewell Adapted by Eleanor Graham Vance copyright 1949)

I ❤ to draw...betcha didn't know that about me. 

 I drew the black horse here when I was in Mrs. Keyes 4th grade class. I loved Mrs. Keyes...she was the best teacher I ever had. She came to her profession later in life. She had a huge hump on her back and wasn't a pretty woman by any means but she had a heart of gold and was a natural at her craft.

I'm still drawing horses as you can see here but I don't draw as much as I use to...

Isn't Merrylegs the cutest

The horse picture on the left was my very first gift from a boy! 

 His name was Sonny and his grandparents lived next door to us. He would come up to visit during the summer months. He was cute and the first boy I ever kissed!

Did you notice the clipped corner of my book? Our dog, Lady, chewed it and my Dad trimmed it for me. LOL! That's a kid for you I must have left it out.

Did you love horses as a child too?

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  1. Black Beauty is my favourite childhood read as well! You have an incredible illustrated edition! So glad you have been able to preserve it so well.

  2. My favourite horse book was "My Friend Flicka" . Did you read that too? I don't know what it is but young girls always love horses.

  3. Sandy, your sketch is quite good!!!! Gotta love horses...

  4. I am very impressed with your sketch.