Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wall Happy

I'm moving things around in my kitchen. The chalk board over the stove was moved to my teacup wall.  

How do you like my new saying?

(Love, just love those 3M Command Strips!)

I found another Morton Salt tray upstairs and added it to the wall...and rearranged my framed embroidery and Teddy Bear clock...

I may add another small tray with touches of red in it to the wall.

Now I have to get busy replacing the worn carpet in our family room. I'm trying to decide if I want to have a wood floor installed with a large area rug or just re-carpet the whole room. decisions....

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  1. Wonderful arrangement! Perfect! Aren't you having fun. I have always loved moving, unpacking and decorating. It's quite fun....if you survive all the hard work! Have a cuppa and a break to admire your handiwork!

  2. I agree 1000% with your chalkboard sign! I vote for wood floors, easy maintenance and cuts back on allergens, etc. JMHO! Love your tea cup display. xo

  3. I agree with Barbara about the chocolate sign and the lovely cup and saucer display.

  4. I loooove that tea-cup display cabinet. You just gave me an idea... I have been longing to change the ugly mirror that's been fastened into the wall just above our fire place, I might change that into a tea-cup display instead.... hmmm, contemplating... lol