Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sunny Day Here

It's a beautiful warm ☀ sunny ☀ day here. 

 I'm catching up on our laundry from our WDW trip. I know...not very exciting!

I'm updating my throw collection photo. I downloaded a cool iPhone app to add text, watermarks and writing to my photos (A+ Signature) and I'm having fun playing with it.

Never thought I would be blogging and posting so easily from my iPhone!

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  1. It is lovely when it is warm enough to hang out the washing, I managed to get a couple of loads dried outside on Monday but it is now much cooler here.
    Brilliant pile of lovely blankets, warm and welcoming.
    Carol xx

  2. Lovely collection of throws I especially like the Christmas one.

  3. How cool I love the watermarks. I have to learn to watermark my photo's. Your crochet blankets photo looks like it should be on a cover of a crochet book!
    Have a sweet day and enjoy that sunshine.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  4. That is impressive, doing all that with an iPhone! You are great with all this "new-fangled" technology! Love all your pretty and colorful throws. xo

  5. You are smarter than I. I couldn't figure out how to upload the pics.
    GORGEOUS throws BTW love them :)

  6. Oh these throws are all so fun and colorful I love them Sandy.
    I will have to look up that app for my iPhone sounds fun.