Friday, October 15, 2010

Want A Cute Grocery Bag?

The Start

Who doesn't want a cute grocery bag?

I saw these adorable crocheted grocery bags by Haley Waxberg on Ravelry and thought I think I can do this. first try didn't work out (my fault!!!).

I was crocheting away two nights in a row while watching TV and didn't bother to mark my row as I went along and wasn't bothering to count the stitches in each row.  Then I realized it wasn't looking right.  I must have increased a million times more than I should have.  

So...I decided to frog it and start over.  

What a difference when you mark as you go and actually count.  

It was a breeze to make after those adjustments.  The bag is the size of a plastic grocery bag and will stretch out when items are inserted.

Beautiful in RED!

I made this to store my heating pad in.  

I love it in RED!

The only change I made to the pattern was to add one more row of single crochet to the top edge.

You can find Haley's free pattern on Ravelry (here) or I can email a pdf file of the pattern to you.  Visit Haley's website Knitomatic (here).  These would make great gift bags too.    

I was so pleased with the results I started another one in blue.  The blue one will be for storage of another heating pad that will go into our RV.
Crocheting in Blue...too!
Blue and Red

Finished the Blue one!

So glad you came to visit me!!!  Have a lovely day!

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  1. Very nice, Sandy! It IS pretty in red. I still haven't made the tissue cover yet, and now I want to make this too. Hmmm. Gee thanks. ;)

  2. I saw something like these at Whole Foods store here. They wanted $15.99 for one. Of course, it was all organically grown and spun cotton...

  3. Thank you Sandy for sharing this very interesting link. I just love these bags and I'm thinking seriously of making one.

  4. Oh i love any crochet project..and this is such a great one! I carry around my canvas 'go green' bags for all the shopping I do...and i absolutely cringe at the thought of using plastic shopping bags!

    It's a sin!

    This is such a great project, I might have to make myself a set in the very near future! Thanks for the inspiration!

    ciao bella


  5. Thanks for sharing this link! Your bag turned out beautifully!

  6. Great bags! Thanks for the link. Going to my to do pile!

  7. Sandy,
    What a great bag. I am going to see if this is something I can do - so far only granny square...

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. This is a nice bag, Sandy. You crochet so beautifully.

    Thanks for all the links in a prior post for the ETSY baby knits...we are expecting a granddaughter next Spring and I will have to go shopping on these sites. :)

  9. Whoops...I just saw that those cute baby things are not in ETSY but Flickr...why do I get those sites mixed up all the time? I wish they were for sale!

  10. Hi Sandy,
    Your bag turned out great. I love the red and I am sure the blue will be beautiful as well.

  11. Hi Sandy, this is a lovely bag I may well have to have a go at this one! Thank you for sharing.x

  12. What a great idea, I recall similar bags from my childhood.;) That was in the former east bloc, where no plastic or paper bags at the grocery stores existed. Everyone had to bring their own.;)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  13. They look really great - I fancy trying out the pattern myself.

  14. I love this red bag almost makes me want to learn crocheting !!

  15. Is it ever too late to learn to crochet? Wish I had of learned from my Mom when she was still alive and always trying to coax me into it.

  16. Hi Sandy! Just popped by to take a look around. I really like your blog. I also went and checked out your flickr stream. It is so colorful. I love that! I see you have been to almost every state since retiring. Wow! What must that be like? These shopping bags are lovely. I think I will share them at tangled happy.