Friday, October 22, 2010

The Three SILs


Each Christmas I have fun putting together Hostess Gifts for my three sweet SILs to thank them for treating us so wonderfully at Christmas time when we go back "home".

I try to find different types of gift packages each year - usually something that the girls will be able to use after Christmas.  For example, one year it was LL Bean tote bags, another year it was Vera Bradley bags, and another time it was cute flowered hat boxes.  And then I have a fun time selecting the goodies to fill their packages.  (I don't forget the boys/girl's hubbies - I always include a large cookie bin filled with my homemade frosted sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies!)

This year I decided to make their gift packages by crocheting three grocery size bags.   I had these lovely variegated Lily's Sugar n' Cream 100% cotton yarns on hand.  I topped them off with a coordinating yarn and embellished them with tiny crocheted flowers (thanks to Attic 24's tutorial for Teeny Tiny Flowers).

Variegated Lily's Sugar n' Cream "Violet Veil Ombre" yarn with coordinating solid colors "Sunshine" and "Hot Purple".

Blogged about the one above (here) - where you can find pattern info.

Variegated Lily's Sugar n' Cream "Field of Dreams" yarn with coordinating solid colors "Hot Green" and "Grape".

Each one has a flower on each side.

Variegated Lily's Sugar n' Cream "Pretty Pastels" with coordinating solid color "Country Blue"

These are so easy and fun to crochet.

The Three SILs 

I propped a broom stick across two chairs to hang the bags to get a photo outside with good light.         

Now it's time to go shopping to fill them up with goodies for the girls!

Do you have a favorite?

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  1. These are really gorgeous! I love the one with the light blue in it.

  2. I would like to cordially invite you to come stay at my house this year. Hee-hee. Nice gifts! I can't decide which one I like the best. I like them all equally well. Now if you put a purple one in there, I would definitely choose that one. I love purple! Oh, and I love the little flowers you made for them. Cute, cute, cute!

  3. Well DUH. There is a purple one. It looks blue on my screen. Maybe I should actually READ what you wrote. Okay, um, bye.

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Hard to pick. But, I'll have to go with Purple Haze in the middle. Who doesn't like old Prince.... These would be fun to take to the markdet. I know your SILs with love theirs.

    Happy Weekend,

  5. Great idea Sandy, pretty and useful. I'm swinging between Purple Haze (but I don't like purple!) and Flower Power

  6. These bags are just fantastic. I've never seen anyone crochet quite as much as you do Sandy.

  7. Wow Sandy! You never cease to amaze me!!These totes are awesome!! Oh I have to say my fave is definitely the middle one!! Love the colors you chose! They will be thrilled to receive them! Thanks for sharing your talents! It's very inspiring, even if I don't crochet!

    Have a joyful weekend!!

  8. Sandy they are all Gorgeous!!!
    Well done, I particularly love the purple haze bag :)

  9. my gosh!they are gorgeous! thanks for linking to LH again :)
    You're one of my fun regulars!
    spread the good word.

  10. Sandy,
    I saw your bags on Flickr and just had to pop over. Aren't you good making gifts for everyone!
    I'm just loving these bags so....much! Excellent colours, ooh I do love them, well done to you.
    Love Suex

  11. Fantastic bags. I'd love one too. Next thing you'll be inventing a pattern to crochet Christmas Stockings as a variation on this pattern. Well done.