Thursday, October 28, 2010

Front Sidewalk - BEFORE and WIP

This is the before of our front yard - old, overgrown trees (2) and too many overgrown shrubs in the planting area were pulled out last Fall.  

This is the flagstone walkway that the builder put in with no sand/gravel sub base.  Only one person can walk on it in single file - it is so narrow and way too curvy.  I think a drunk person must of laid it down.  

See the ugly white drain spout!  It drained right out on the sidewalk - what dummy did that!


Not very welcoming is should have seen it when the shrubs and trees overwhelmed the little pathway.  And see how the flagstone walk had sunk down.

Over the years I tried everything to stop the weeds from growing between the weed mat...gravel....nothing worked.

The landscaper removed three of the flagstones so we could mark in orange paint where the new walkway would be.

The work begins - out with the old flagstone!

Hurray the old flagstone is finally removed!  We are saving it to use in the backyard.

New pathway marked in Orange 

I wanted the entrance to the walkway from the driveway to be nice and wide!

New more gentle pathway marked in orange

We don't mind having a smaller planting area.  Less plants to worry and care for is our plan.

Preparing for the gravel sub base

Our poor grass is being trampled with all the heavy equipment.

This is going to be WIDE too

Lots of work went into preparing the gravel sub base - they packed it down good.

Now we won't have water seeping under the driveway

It's the little things like this that make me so happy - downspouts out of sight and out of mind!

Burying the more ugly white drainpipe


New gentle curving walkway subbase

Packing down the gravel sub base. 

There's the huge tarp they used

Nice and WIDE 

Putting markers in to level gravel sub base

Looking better 

Our grass is a mess - look at the packed down mud where the downspouts were buried

This is our Mountain Green Maple tree just starting to change colors!

The landscaping crew started laying the stone pavers today - they are about 3/4 done with the front walkway.  Of course, the landscaping has to be done and new lights installed before it is completely finished.  We are having a walkway put in the back too so this is an on-going project for another week or so.  Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Hi Sandy,
    It is looking nice! That will be good to have a wider sidewalk that is level. I laughed when you said the guy must have been drunk seems that same guy has done a lot of jobs around the country! Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks for popping by the kitchen makeover lol...great to see makeovers transform spaces isn't it?
    Your garden will look fabulous when it's your house...real stunner
    Hugs Suz x

  3. it is going to look great when it is finished, your home is beautiful!

  4. What an improvement this is going to be...and you are doing it the proper way as opposed to the 1st guy, drunk or not!

    Love your's gorgeous!


  5. It's looking good. Are you planning on planting this fall or waiting until spring. Can't wait to see what you put in.

  6. Hi Sandy~ This is going to be a beautiful path for your beautiful home!! I love how you widened it and made it look so much more welcoming.
    Great job!! Thank you so much for joining Feathered Nest Friday and sharing this! Can't wait to see more! :)

  7. Wow, this is a major undertaking, I can't wait to see the final project. Have a great weekend, Nan

  8. Sandy your house is just beautiful! I love it to bits! I'm so glad you are enjoying NCIS. My husband got me into watching it and we did the same - went out and bought the DVD box sets and had a little NCIS marathon! We are currently on Season 7 (I think) here in the UK and 9pm on Friday night is NCIS night! :)