Saturday, October 23, 2010

All Sorts of Things To Share Today

Good Bye old flagstone!


A view out of our front door...Monday the landscaping crew will start replacing our old flagstone walkway put down by the builder of our home 15 years ago.  The builder just plopped down the stones...didn't bother leveling the ground or laying a gravel/sand base...apparently just spending the cheapest amount he could (we weren't the first owners of the home).   

We are having stone pavers put in for the porch slab and the walkway.  The old flagstone will be used around our driveway and shed in the back yard.  We had all the overgrown trees and shrubs pulled out last Fall.  We want to go with as few plants as possible and as small too.  And no more mulch...we are having river rocks instead.  Our goal is low maintenance. 


Imagine my surprise when I opened our freezer the other day and saw this growing inside it!

It's Alive and Growing!!!

And our refrigerator isn't that old either.  Hubby just turned off the ice maker until we get around to having it fixed.

Now this is an ice cycle!

Pretty good size...isn't it?  


From Plain....

To Fancy!
I posted about my first try at making these crocheted grocery bags (here).  But you know me... I thought they needed some embellishment so I added contrasting edging (single crochet) and teeny tiny flowers.

Ta Dah!!!

It's like taking special care to wrap a gift in pretty paper and ribbon rather than throwing the gift into a paper bag. 

I'll keep you posted on the progress of our new sidewalks.  I'm so excited...can't wait until it is all done!

Have a lovely weekend!   

It's beautiful here - sunny skies and warm weather!

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  1. The red bag with the green is my favorite. You should sell these Sandy. That ice cycle is certainly large. I've seen some like that in Alaska.

  2. We did the same paver sidewalk and covered the porch a couple of years ago. Great call, you will love it.

    I'm digging those bags. You are making them so quickly now.

    Being called to come watch a movie...eeks,

  3. Hi Sandy, your bags look gorgeous! I love the tiny flowers and the way you adorned with them!
    Thanks for following back my blog, and leaving lovely comment!
    That's great to discover your beautiful blog, we are "followers" now so we can keep in touch!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Sandy!
    You always seem to have a lot going on!
    I'm excited for all your yard work to get done tooo!
    You must show photos!
    Your freezer is alive!!!!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

    Happy Saturday!

  5. Never seen an icicle like THAT !!!

    Your plans for the new front path sound good. it will make it a lot safer by the sounds of it.
    I gather the old ones are a bit rickety.

  6. Wow, that icicle is truly amazing.;)
    Love your beautiful bags, you must have quiet a collection by now.
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  7. Looks like busy days with you. I especially love your crochet bags, they are so pretty. Catherine x

  8. That is a nice size icicle! I bet your new walk will turn out wonderful. Will be nice to have that down before winter sets in. I like the embellishment on the bags, very pretty!