Tuesday, October 5, 2010

REDnesday - Visiting Kim's Dear Daisy Cottage

Photos courtesy of Flickr and Kim's Dear Daisy Cottage

1. A Cup of Sunshine, 2. Red Cake Carrier, 3. Front Porch Mirror, 4. Yellow Teapot From Susan, 5. Red Tole Tray, 6. Red Cup, 7. Yellow Painted Chandelier, 8. Kitchen, 9. Fun Pumpkin from Target

Here's a sweet gal from Florida, our lovely Kim at Dear Daisy Cottage, whose home is washed with bright colors of RED, YELLOW, GREEN, ORANGE and pops of BLACK.  You must visit Kim's blog - her home is an inspiration to everyone to do what they love (and not what the current fashion is) in decorating one's home.  Her blog (here) will lift your spirits and bring sunshine into your day.


I've always loved RED - I asked my Daddy to tile my childhood bedroom with red and white tiles and he did and I loved it.  My Mom found a beautiful yellow bedspread to compliment the floor...and added lovely white curtains with red flowers.  I never had a pink room as a child but I had a red room!  I found an old picture to show you - it is a little torn from trying to remove it from one of those horrible sticky back photo albums.  

That's me in a pretty black and white checked dress with a RED velvet vest sewn by my paternal Grandmother and notice that my Revlon Doll (prerequisite to the Barbie dolls - she was full figured with high heels!) has red too in her dress.  In the back ground is my bedroom with my beloved RED and white tile...yellow bedspread, red flowered drapes and even my lamp on my dresser has a RED lampshade.  This is my MOM giving treats to our family dog, LADY.   Update:  I don't have a photo here but my bed's headboard is RED too.

I still have that lamp (has a marble base) shown in my bedroom and the marble table top in the foreground too!  My paternal Grandfather made the lamp base shown on the living room table.  My brother has it in his home now.  I still have my Revlon Doll too!!!!

Today is my Mom's Birthday!  Happy Birthday MOM!  Mom was about 33 years old here (c. 1956).  She would have been 86 years old today - I love you Mom and miss you something terrible!

Please join our host Sue at It's A Very Cherry (School) World (here) for more fantastic REDnesday.

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  1. Visiting your blog tonight has really been fun. In 1956 I was a graduating from high school so I can appreciate the old photo. Your collage is absolutely my cup of tea.....red and yellow...I could;t ask for more. Happy Rednesday to you tomorrow.

  2. Isn't it fun to remember our first decorating experience....my room was pink, grey and black..it was the 50s, what can I say. I was so taken by the wallpaper that I picked myself, it had a black background...which to me seem VERY "leading edge". As I recall, the print was ladies in 1800s dress with rose pink, grey and a little green. I don't much care for pink now, much prefer RED. Fun trip down memory lane, oh, and I also have my last doll! Happy Rednesday.

  3. Precious photo, the checked dress looked like it was darling. The collage is beautiful, love the red cake pan and the red toile tray.
    Happy Rednesday.

  4. Hi Sandy,
    I love your post...and I've got something to tell you!! I had that same dress!
    I didn't remember it until I saw your pic...you look so adorable! And I am so sorry you lost your mom...mine has been very sick this month--we hope she's recuperating fine and her 86th birthday is in a couple weeks...

    Thank you for this walk down memory lane.

  5. Great post and I love that dress!! I wore a lot of red as a child too. I wish I had color pictures of my grandma's kitchen when I was growing up...red, red everywhere and I always LOVED that room :)


  6. Hi Sandy, happy REDnesday! What a great old picture, so many details to take in. I've never heard of a Revlon doll but she looks like a really pretty doll and how cool that you still have her!

  7. Such a sweet post...thanks so much for sharing....I would have loved your bedroom...red and yellow..just one of my favorite color combinations...blessings

  8. Hi , I love your bedroom , great Pic !I was born in 1956 .

  9. Hi Sandy...

    I'm just coming over for Rednesday, my friend! Ohhh...I love Kim's vibrant decor! It is so cheery and fun...I love the red and yellow together! I'll have to go over and pay her a visit!

    Okay, I'm thinking red and white tile floors...AWESOME!!! I love it! You know, I never had a pink bedroom when growing up either. I had also had a red bedroom...another time it was bright orange and yellow! I have always loved color!!! Thank you for sharing your sweet photo with us! By the way, I loved your pretty dress and red velvet vest!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  10. This is such a lovely post. I love that you still have the lamps, and the love of ReD, too! Your mother and father sound like wonderful parents. You were blessed. I would just love a red and white checked floor!

  11. Hi Sandy, what a lovely nostalgic photo! I love it, thank you for sharing, and your lovely memories. x

  12. Oh what a beautiful post! First of all I love your collages and red is my favorite colour.;)
    And look at that sentimental photograph, your mom is so pretty and so are you.;) What a beautiful tribute to your mother, very touching...

  13. What great parents you had to let you decide how to decorate your room!! Mine did too!!
    Oooops!! I hit the capital button. Too lazy to start over!! LOL!!

    I love the red and yellow mosaic!! reminds me of my kitchen!!

    I adore your tea towels and orange mosaic a few post back!!


  14. Hi Sandy! What a perfectly red letter post you have today! Isn't it fun to still have those cherished keepsakes!

  15. Oh, your mosiac is filled with so many wonderful reds! It just makes you smile to look at it! Have a terrific day!

  16. Loved your story of color you wanted as a child. Times do change our thinking. Nice blog.

  17. What sweet family treasures! I enjoy red but never had red OR pink for a bedroom - as I recall - it was blue. :) Thanks for a fun Rednesday!

  18. Great red items! Love the photograph as well!

  19. I love this little peek into the past with you and your dear mom.

  20. I love the picture. Happy Birthday to your mom. Doylene