Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shades of Red

Shades of red with pink and yellow thrown in...another crocheted tissue box -- pattern from Michelle The Royal Sisters (here) -- just right to go in our Guest Bedroom.

I have a red leather chair (passed down from my brother) in the guest bedroom and I have slowly been adding other elements of red in the room.

We bought the green bedside lamp bases for $5 each...and we added the shades later.

My paternal Grandmother made the yarn scarf that the tissue box is sitting on.

Red and PINK with Yellow Shell Edge

I just finished making a Christmas Tissue Box to have one for Christmas!   That's the last one for awhile.


We had a new garbage disposal installed recently in the kitchen.  The old one rusted through and gushed water and garbage all over the place the day before we were taking off on our Alaska tour.  We cleaned up the mess, taped over the hole and put blue tape over the switch.  It's a good thing we did because when we got back home we both had forgotten about it breaking.  I'm in the kitchen asking hubby "Why is there tape over the garbage disposal switch?"  Duh...thank goodness hubby remembered.  We are very happy with our new one - it's super quiet and very powerful.

Over the years we have always purchased our major appliances from Sears.  A couple of years ago we replaced our GE refrigerator with a stainless steel one that we again purchased from Sears.  We were soooo disappointed with their installation process. It took weeks to have it delivered...then the delivery men refused to do any installation of the water line.  We had to have them come out again and they finally hooked up the water line for the ice machine (the water line was already there they just had to connect it to the refrigerator).  

After that disappointing service from Sears hubby went to Lowe's and bought a garbage disposal there and signed up for installation through Lowe's.   That same afternoon Lowe's called us to follow up on our purchase and to let us know that an installer would call us back within 48 hours.  The installation process from Lowe's went so smoothly and hassle free.  The installer called us within the time frame and installed the appliance so quickly...within a day of his call.  He was on time and professional.  And...Lowe's called again after installation to check that everything went ok.  We never had any store ever call us both pre and post installation and we were very impressed with the excellent customer service we received from Lowe's.   

Thanks for taking the time to visit me!  Have a lovely weekend.

Sandy at Teacup Lane
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  1. What a good way to reward good service - free publicity and a personal endorsement.

  2. Sandy,
    I love the way you work. If I could, that is the way I would attack most new projects. I like to make more than one of everything I make as it usually becomes a pattern etched in my mind and easy to pick up if I want to make it another time.

  3. Dear Sandy,

    I like the colors of your new Tissue Box - you show us again a wonderful crochet. Great!
    Many Greetings from Germany and enjoy your Weekend,


  4. My favorite colors. Now, I have to make one. By the way what a fun chandelier.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I think Sears has gone through some major changes and not for the good. We found the Lowe's in Kenai so helpful just in the store. Competition you know as next door is Home Depot. The gal who mixed my paint took over and knew all about the paint I would need to do the job. We've been favoring Lowe's since they started up there in Kenai. Sears is a small store we never visit as they have eliminated most of their merchandise anyway and I'm not sure where they are located.

  6. Beautiful reds, dear Sandy.;)
    I do not have a garbage disposal, but I so wish I would. They simply are not common here.;)
    Have a lovely Sunday dear friend,

  7. Absolutely beautiful Sandy.