Friday, October 1, 2010

Holy Cow - It's October 1st!

Where did September and Summer go?

   I can hardly believe it is October and Fall!

We had nine and 1/2 inches of rain here yesterday!  Needless to say many areas here have flooding.  We're set high enough though to not have any flooding issues thank goodness.

I've started to put out a few Halloween and Fall decorations.  I love this Halloween doll I found years ago at a craft show.  A co-worker painted the cat and pumpkin wood sign.  And one of my SIL's crocheted the throw in shades of browns and oranges for my MIL back in the 1970s.   I set this vignette up on a chair in our foyer.  

Unfortunately I can't put orange lights or decorations outside this year as hopefully soon work will start on replacing our front step and sidewalk.  We're having the old flag stone walk replaced with stone pavers, putting in new lighting and landscaping.   I just hope all the rain stops when the work finally begins. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday and October 1st!  Thanks for visiting me.

Sandy at Teacup Lane     
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  1. Hard to believe its October already! But ready for the cooler weather minus the heavy rain. You really got rain, thankfully we didn't get that much. Your foot stool cover I love, I have one which I will now cover as well with the loved grannies. Never thought to do this. Thanks for posting this wonderful idea.

  2. I have not decorated yet, Ahh! Usually by now I have everything all set up just the way I want it, but I've been a little slow this year, lol. Decorating for the season is definitely on my to~do list this weekend. Great post! Love that little witch, she's adorable!

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Love you Halloween things and that change to the front of your home sounds wonderful.

  4. We don't decorate for Halloween over here, but the kids all go out trick or treating! We have had our wettest September ever in Brisbane - at least it is looking very green here.
    Pam x

  5. Yes, indeed dear Sandy, I too wonder what has happened to the summer this year, it flew by so fast...
    Today the weather here is very fall like, windy and cold.
    Have a lovely weekend and I love your Halloween decorations.;)