Saturday, December 5, 2009

We Say "Merry Christmas!"

This is a close up of our front door last Christmas.  My SIL made this beautiful wreath for me.  Finally yesterday I started to put up Christmas decorations inside - so, of course - the house looks cluttered with Christmas storage boxes out and open as I hunt through them.   Today was a fun day.  This morning I went with some friends to a local Christmas craft fair and bought some nice items.  After lunch hubby & I went to a neighboring community Christmas Candlelight historic homes tour.  It started to rain this morning (bummer) and turned into our FIRST snowfall of the season by the afternoon.  We toured some homes built in the 1700s and 1800s.   Then we stopped for supper before returning home.  We lit a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed watching an HD movie.   Did you have a fun day today too?   Pin It


  1. Oh I hope they didn't cancel the tour due to muddy feet. That would be a bummer indeed!

  2. Hi Sandy, wish I was there with the snow. It is hellishly hot here and we're off to have an early Christmas dinner with friends who will be away in San Francisco for Christmas. Lucky them !!
    Settling down with a nice fire sounds delightful.

  3. With all the rain and then the wet snow the field where we parked our car to take a shuttle bus for the home tour turned into a muddy mess by the time we returned. Some cars without four wheel drive were having trouble in the mud. Thanks goodness we have 4 by 4 in our Subaru. Each of the homes we toured had blue plastic booties at the door to put on for our muddy and wet shoes.

  4. Hi Sandy!
    Your wreath is beautiful!
    Thanks for commenting on my Santa Claus photo--- it was such a big event in my life as we had so little back then. As you said though we treasured the toys we did have and cherished them and we were happy!