Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Cottage Home

Isn't this the MOST adorable cottage?  No, it's not mine (shucks...)! This little home is located right across the street from the Carmel Mission in Carmel, CA.  I asked my hubby to take the picture before we left the mission's parking lot.  Wasn't he a sweetie to do that for me!  If you ever have a chance to visit Carmel don't hesitate because it is a pretty little town with the most beautiful homes many like this one.   Do you wish you had a garden home like this? 
Update:  Photo taken during our RV trip to northern CA from Sept. - Oct. 2008.  Pin It


  1. Is it a for real home? It looks like something out of a story book!
    Love it!♥

  2. Absolutely devine! We saw so many like this in England last year - so cosy and cute. I want one too!
    Sounds like you are enjoying your trip. Where are you off to next?

  3. The home is so cute and so tiny. Not much housework would be needed, but you would need lots of gardening