Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve!

As 2009 comes to an end tonight I would like to wish all my blogger friends a very Happy New Year's Eve!

My day will be spent fixing some goodies to eat for our at home celebration tonight. My hubby and I plan to relax and watch some movies on DVD while we welcome the new year. We have been blessed with love, luck and laughter throughout our lives. Thank you for following my blog and leaving such lovely comments. I've had fun blogging so far (just started Nov. 15 this year!) and look forward to blogging in 2010.

I love this atomic clock we purchased through LL Bean this year. As you can see we originally bought it for our screened in porch but we moved it into the house for winter. It is an out door clock and I think I will get a second one for the porch so we can leave this one in our family room. What we love is that it is an atomic clock so it is one less clock we (uh hubby) have to change for Day Light Saving Time.

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  1. Are you early? We still have about 14 hours to go here in the midwest. Have a sip now for me. I have Scooter home allllll day....

  2. Happy New Year, Sandy! May all of God's best be yours in 2010!! I am so glad we're bloggy friends!!

    Love and hugs,

  3. Hope 2010 is all you hope it will be. Cheers