Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crewel Christmas Tree

Maybe this is too up close and personal to view my crewel embroidery Christmas Tree!  Remember when crewel was all the rage back in the 1980s?  This is one I managed to actually finish during my working years.  I wish I had the sense to put the date on this piece.  Of course back then..when ever it was..perhaps the 1980s or possibly the early 1990s...I didn't know that I wouldn't remember  the year I finished this.  

See..I think it looks better further away..doesn't it?   Now, if I could just finish the bird feeder crewel embroidery piece that has been sitting around for twenty plus years!  Does crewel embroidery appeal to you?  Pin It


  1. Hi Sandy,
    I come by way of Becky's blog. You have some very pretty crewel work and crochet. I have never done crewel before but used to love to crochet.

  2. Oh it is magnificent. I don't think it has dated at all. You are very talented! A-M xx

  3. Wow Sandy, I think it's lovely too. So much work and done while you were still working outside the home. We managed to fit in lots of things when we were younger didn't we?
    I have a framed cross stitch that I did in 1999 - the only one I've done but then there's a limit to how much "stuff" you can put on your walls isn't there? Mine takes pride of place in my lounge room ( living room ?)

  4. That is a beautiful work of crewel embroidery! My mom did a pillow in a fall theme that she did back in the 80's. I am so glad I have it! You have a lovely blog!

  5. Wonderful. What a lot of great work this must of took. Love all the colors. Sure wish I knew how to crewel embroidery. Great job.

  6. Love the full picture - the colours work so well together