Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas by Night

This is our living room decorated with the slim (cheap $25) Christmas tree I bought from Target.  I think this year I will try leaving the lights on it when I put it in storage - so it becomes a "pre-lit" tree.  I apologize that this photo isn't as sharp as it should be - I took it not using the flash but was too lazy to get the tripod out.  It's amazing how a little movement can take a photo out of focus at low light.  But I think the mood is nice and hopefully I will get better at taking photos.  The book case behind the tree is our "pride and joy" - a solid teak danish book unit with ladder - that we purchased as a house warming gift to ourselves when we moved into our 2nd home (the one before this one).  I don't think we could afford one of these now they are very pricey.  The wicker chair is one of a pair handed down from my paternal grandparents.  

Here's another view of our family room fireplace mantel all aglow by tree lights and a fire.  

And finally our kitchen at night with just the under counter lights on (hubby purchased and installed the lights for me!).  I purchased the "Merry Christmas" sign at a local craft fair for only $12 because it was a little worn (normally went for $25).  I hope to reverse it and use the other side during non-holiday times - just have to figure out what saying I want.  

Hope you enjoyed touring our home in the glow of the night!   Pin It


  1. I love the placement of your tree in front of the book shelves... we usually have to move furniture to put our tree up. Be we didn't this year... I just crammed it into an already somewhat tight spot-- next to the rocking chair. But I love it there! I love the soft glow of light around your home, it makes it look so warm and inviting. Thanks for the christmas tour I enjoyed it.

  2. I love the ladder. I would like to have one in my library/office.

  3. All these lovely photos with soft night light inspired me to try it but it's not easy is it? Firstly I tried with the flash but they just came out like daylight ( Dah !).
    Next I tried with the lights off and the flash but that didn't work either so then I turned the flash off and the lights on and that seems to have worked. Sort of.
    I experimented with turning off and on different lights to see how it changed the photos. Low light and my problem with camera shake and I have a lot of learning to do with photography but at least with my new blog I have a reason for all the foolery !!!
    Anyway your home looks lovely and I was stuck with the way Australian homes and American homes are very similar and how different they are to homes in the UK. I guess the essence is that we both come from relatively young countries and, in general, the houses are relatively new with large rooms where in the UK as far as I can see the majority of homes are very old with smaller rooms. Interesting isn't it?

  4. You are so lucky!!!
    I have always wanted a "library" which had those ladders to gain access to the books up top.