Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AFTER - A Pile of Granny Squares

Santa says "Merry Christmas"!  And here is the finished crochet project I mentioned working on in a previous post...did you guess it was  a throw?  Actually it started out as a pile of granny squares that I thought would be dish cloths and then I decided to try to make them into a small throw.  It's comprised of five by seven granny squares (each square in rounds of seven) connected together using a method shown on Carina's Craft blog at  Carina inspired me with her beautiful & colorful granny squares.  She shares an excellent tutorial on how to connect granny squares into a throw at  


You can see the edging I used all around the throw in the photo above.  Have you been crocheting anything special lately? Pin It


  1. Your throw looks lovely. Who is it for? All those lovely colours have come together beautifully.
    My New Year's Resolution is going to be to learn to crochet. Not now in Summer when it is too hot to handle it but come May when it has cooled down to the low 20s I'll give it a go. I love all these pretty rugs.

  2. so pretty, i am working on grannies right now, i have 19 done and i need to do 35, i will post when done. :)

  3. The throw is lovely. The colours remind me of spring flowers.

  4. These are so pretty Sandy! You do such beautiful work ,gal!! Hope you have a great Friday!!