Sunday, December 27, 2009

Beanie Baby Christmas

Every Christmas I set out my Christmas Beanie Babies around the house.  This year they decorated our staircase.

We're wrapping up our visits with family today and tomorrow we are heading home to celebrate our Christmas.  Hope all of you had a great Christmas! Pin It


  1. Too cute. I forgot all about Beanie Babies. The TY company is from right around here, so we were over endulged at one point. They did create a big local water park for the kids.

  2. Hey Gal! They sure look cute lining the stairs!!
    Hope your celebration at home is wonderful, too!
    Ours was, just went by too fast!

  3. Cute Christmas presents. With these, I can be father Christmas. The kids will love Beanie Babies. Thanks for the share. I love your blogs.