Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Mother's Embroidery BEFORE

I remember seeing this embroidery piece in my Mother's sewing basket as a young girl.  It has been packed away for years (my Mom passed in 1991) and I recently brought it out but was so upset to see all the marks in it (stains.. can't be.. it was never used..).  Well, I decided to try to clean the vintage linen following instructions from Cindy's "My Romantic Home" blog.  I soaked it in Oxiclean several times and I was happy to find out the marks came out.   It took several soaks but it looks like new now.  Thank you so much Cindy!   Do you have a vintage linen story? Pin It


  1. That's a good tip to remember Sandy.Thanks!

  2. very pretty, i wish i had some vintage towels, aprons and table cloths from my mother, i do remember her wearing her aprons, but she did not save them, i would sure cherish them!

  3. Glad to see you managed to remove those marks.
    Last year my mother gave me an embroidered table cloth she had finally finished after 60 years.!!
    She has carried it around with her for all those years and finally put the finishing touches to it. She is 87 years young.