Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Bunny Topper

Sorry, this is a little fuzzy - it's been so overcast and gray here so I haven't been able to re-take this photo.  I bought this adorable Christmas Tree Bunny Topper at The Christmas Haus in Oxford, PA.  This store is to die for inside - all of the ornaments are hand-blown by German artisans.  My hubby doesn't mind stopping here because it is on the way to Gettysburg, PA - one of his favorite places to visit.  Also, in the photo (right lower corner) you can see the beautiful silver spoon with the fairy snowman painted for me by the talented Laurie at Laurie's Charming Designs.  Hopefully I can add a better photo to this post soon.  Hope you enjoyed seeing these adorable ornaments!   Pin It


  1. i loved see the beautiful ornamemts, thanks for sharing!

  2. Now you are talking... Isn't that the cutest little bunnie. Love it.

  3. I loved the snowman/angel/fairy spoon. Can we have a better look at it?
    I've had my atlas out studying the USA so I know where Pennsylvania is and can follow your posts more easily. Probably because we have so much American television here we have learnt a lot about the US and its history and have some idea about some of the states - where they are and what they are known for and I'll do a little surfing the internet to find out more.
    Hope all is well for you.

  4. thanks for stopping by, i did make the dishcloth. :)

  5. EEEEK!!!! Your bunny topper is soo adorable!! LOVE! :) Christmas blessings! XO,Jenn