Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Quilted Candle Mat

I attended another monthly Embroidery Club on Saturday.  

We were instructed to download a free "in the hoop" design from the Jamone Canada website before coming to class.  

Letting the machine do "its thing".

Unfortunately it was a disappointing session for me.  

There were four of us who downloaded the design onto our flash drives but were unable to stitch the design on our machines during class.  

So Hubby and I dragged my machine and stuff home again (I didn't even stay for the full session).  

Look closely in the middle you can see the quilt lines stitched in a square.

Once home we tried downloading the design again and after two tries we were finally successful.  

So I stitched up the design at home yesterday.

I was running out of Halloween fabric and pieced together these patterns and colors from my stash.

The outline satin stitch is a burnt orange color.  

All finished.

I hope to get better at cutting it out so the batting doesn't show.

Just in case you can't tell what this thing's a little quilted and embroidered Halloween Candle Mat.  

Everything was done "in the hoop".  

This was my first "in the hoop" project.  

It's nice because the embroidery "in the hoop" design includes all the steps - basting stitches, appliqués and embroidery.

All the embroidery classes are good exercise for me. 

Just like takes practice and more practice.
I'm slowly putting out my Halloween decorations.

  I'm not going to show the back of the candle mat.  

It's an even more Halloween themed fabric with printed orange pumpkins but the satin stitching would have looked better if I had matched the bobbin thread instead of using white thread. 


Have you played Candy Crush?  

It's very addictive!

I'm stuck on Level 37 and Hubby is on Level 79 or 80!

Bet you can't guess who is better at the game!
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  1. Hope you were reimbursed for that class! That's too bad but I knew you would figure it out. I've never played Candy Crush Saga as I spend waaaayyy too much time on the computer as it is!! I'd really never get things done pr leave the house. lol xo

  2. Hi Sandy, your mat is wonderful . . . a lot of work went into it and it shows, along with the love in every stitch. I've never heard of Candy Crush . . . I enjoy games in the winter, I'll have to look it up.
    Have a fab day,
    Your boggling sister,
    Connie :)

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