Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Days

It is a beautiful sunny FALL Sunday here in southeastern Pennsylvania. 

Our trees are just starting to change. 

My flowers are still blooming.  

Although I heard we will have freezing temperatures here by next week. 

I've been in my sewing room adding strips of fabric trim to my Thanksgiving Turkey embroidery design.  

I like this combination of green trim, orange trim and a lovely fall leaves pattern trim.  

Monday we are taking our travel van to the RV dealership to have the refrigerator fixed.  

The refrigerator works off either electricity, gas (propane) or 12 volts (battery).  

The gas mode isn't working right.  

It's about a two hour drive north of us to the RV Dealership and we will have to leave the RV there.

The good news is we tried out our insect fabric screens that I made for two windows on our travel van while at the York Train Meet last week and they worked great.  

We had fun at the York Train Meet - we camped out over night right next to the main exhibit halls.

When we were tired from looking at the exhibits we took breaks in our travel van.  

Both my Hubby and my brothers had Lionel model "O" trains growing up. 

 In fact, my Hubby stills has his.  

We're in the process of finally putting together a sturdy, well built model train table in our unfinished area of our basement.  

Our make-shift wobbly ping pong table that Hubby used for many years is gone {{finally!}}.  

This train table is made from a kit.  

Hubby put up the painted background blue screen and more ceiling lights.  

The next step is buying the wood for the top. 

Someday we will have a lovely model train setup. 

Isn't this a cute miniature vintage Borden's milk truck we bought at the train meet.   

It brings back lots of childhood memories of home milk deliveries. 

We hope to have our van's refrigerator fixed before our trip to Walt Disney World this Fall. 

Have a lovely Sunday and thanks for visiting my little world! 
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  1. Love that turkey! I was born on Thanksgiving Day so I have a special place in my heart for turkey art. :)

  2. So beautiful, Sandy, I wish I lived closer, I could learn "sew" many things! Are you staying over night too while your RV is being fixed? It is definitely very fall like here today, temp in my house was 65, I am fighting not to put on the heat just yet. xo

  3. Your header is lovely! I love that turkey, and the Borden truck is delightful. I remember Borden milk like it was yesterday even though it hasn't been around in decades in Montreal. I have very fond memories of the Borden truck and the great milk...and those glass bottles.