Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Birthday Cupcakes Banner

My embroidered cupcake!

I love the fabric patterns and colors I chose for this month's "Party with Patrick" project.  

My fabrics and Patrick Lose's "Birthday Cupcakes" Design of the month.

It's a small wall banner with a birthday cupcake celebration design. 

Piecing together the squares.

It's suppose to include a child's birthday age in felt numerals (number one through nine)...either sewed  directly on for that special birthday or removable in order to change for each child's birthday celebration.  

Ha! Got to watch those tiny pieces or they get sewn in where they don't go!

I chose to leave it plain without the birthday year since we don't have children or grandchildren.  

Adding my touch with another two inch border.

For now we'll use it for Hubby and me.  

Maybe later I will pass it along to our grandnieces.  

Ready to embroidery...what delicious color threads should I use?

Of course I had to embellish it with my own touches. 

Squared off and ready to add binding.

I added a delicious two inch additional border in a dark pink printed fabric to give it more POP and make it a little larger in size. 

It is appliqued in satin and blanket stitches of purple, turquoise and yellow embroidery threads and straight-lined quilted in white polyester thread. 

All finished!

 I machine-stitched the binding down.

What can I say...too lazy to hand sew it. 
My label.

I added a label on the back so I won't forget when I made it.  

So delicious...I could eat that cupcakes!

It is soooo cute!

Love red, turquoise and white yarn together.

Remember the hexagons I'm crocheting?  

I decided to limit my colors to red, a darker turquoise and white (all from my stash).  

The pattern combinations are endless.  

Who knows what pattern arrangement I will end up with...that's the fun of creating!

Have a lovely weekend!
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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. I love the birthday banner and the hexies are so cute.

  3. This is a cute banner, with all your little grand nieces and nephews, perfect! And the red/turquoise combo is going to be stunning. xo

  4. You are so creative and I always love your colors choices.

  5. This is a wonderful banner, you are so talented. I love the hexies, too. I have got to get up to the assisted living and find a sweetie to teach me to make granny squares and hexies. I'm a hands on visual learner. I want to encourage anyone that wants to learn crochet or knitting to visit an assisting living facility, many of these ladies are lonely and would love to share their talents and make a new friend. Just be sure to check with their activity director and let her introduce you to someone that would be a good match. Most places will want to meet you first, remember that they are responsible for the welfare of their residents.

  6. This is such a delightful birthday banner, Sandy! You chose such pretty and colorful fabrics to use to make it.Your crochet hexagons make a wonderful design!

    I also love your new blog header! Did you make that yourself? I need a new header and don't know where to begin. It's been awhile since I attempted to make one I forgot how to do!