Sunday, October 6, 2013


I love souvenirs!

The trick now is buying ones that will fit into our little travel van - mainly because of its limited storage.  

In some ways that's good...I'm more selective in what I crave and drag home. 

I've been known to collect stuffed Teddy Bears.  

In fact we nicknamed one of our upstairs bedrooms, "The Teddy Bear," room because it houses all my teddy bears.  

We didn't see a Grizzly on our trip to Yellowstone but we did see a Black Bear. 

The gift store at Fishing Bridge Campground in Yellowstone had the cutest bears and moose stuff.

We picked this bear to go with my teddy bear collection on my dinette shelf.

Hubby picked out a Grizzy Bear mug from Yellowstone with my name on it. 

Wasn't that sweet of him? 

I also found a cute Christmas ornament with the Yellowstone Park Grizzlies on it. 

And to round out our souvenirs I bought two embroidered old-fashion touristy type tea towels - one for Yellowstone and the other for Wyoming.  

And lastly we picked up a fabric map of Yellowstone Park.

I'm planning on framing these.

Oh, yeah, we got more souvenir patches too.

I'm going to make a wall hanging for all of our souvenir patches (and pins) we have collected on our trips since we got married.

We have a whole bunch of them.

That's all folks...thanks for visiting!

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  1. Cute stuff, Sandy. I love tea towels, great idea to frame them. Your "teddy bear" room sounds adorable. How many do you have? xo

  2. You bought all kinds of neat stuff. That's the kind of things I like too. I wish I had a RV to put that stuff in!