Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TV Remote Caddy

While in Joann Fabrics last week I bought some fabric flats in various contrasting designs but coordinating fabric colors.  

I chose the blue flat to make a fabric basket liner for our TV remotes. 

I made a paper pattern and cut out the pattern pieces.  

Last night while eating supper I realized I stitched part of it wrong so I "frogged" or ripped out the thread and re-pinned it. 

I'm so glad I caught that mistake before it was too late to correct it. 

Now we have a pretty TV remote caddy and all the remotes have their own space - and the best part is they don't fall together and accidentally turn on.  

So we went from this... 

To this...

I'm on a roll here.  I found two cute crochet patterns I want to try so they are next on my agenda. 

This is a pattern for Baby Head Bands that I'm thinking of converting to a book marker.  Don't know if it will work but it will be fun to try.  

And I decided what to do with the cute London tea towel souvenir I bought in England.  It is a project with stretcher bars.  

That's all folks!  Thanks for visiting!
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  1. You are so clever! Very pretty blue fabric choices. This would work to organize any basket or purse.