Friday, June 14, 2013

Flag Day USA

We've had a beautiful day here in the good, old USA for Flag Day.  I found the cutest photo to post here that combines my love of my country and all things that little mouse Mickey.  

Just when I think I have my sewing/craft room just needs to be tweaked again.   The good news is I decided on a new sewing cabinet/table for my larger new Janome MC 12000 sewing/embroidery machine. 

My old one has too small an insert for the footprint of the new machine and its lift is not strong enough to support the heavier new machine.  One of our local sewing stores is having a sale on sewing cabinets and I just couldn't pass that up.  

So I ordered this one - it's a Horn table.  It has a lift with three positions and you can adjust the height of the table.  And it's just the right size to fit my space.  

I want to sew up some cute little cosmetic bags for gifts and was so happy to find a bin with zippers by the bulk at 89 cents per zipper.  I bought 30!   All in different colors.  I have some fabric fats on hand, including fabrics from our trip to Alaska in 2010, and a couple fats of Christmas themed fabric.  

So I got busy and emptied out my old sewing cabinet today and gathered up all of the accessories that belong with my old sewing machine.  Although there is nothing wrong with my old sewing machine I'm going to take it in next week for a "tune up".  

 I'm torn between sitting on my screened in porch or putting away sewing supplies.  Guess which is winning?   

Have a wonderful Flag Day Weekend!

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