Monday, June 3, 2013


Oh, my...

It's L.O.V.E!

Twenty-six colorful pin cushions!

I think I have enough for Christmas gifts for the Bunco gang and my sister-in-laws and nieces.  I'm sure before Christmas I'll  make a few more.  It wouldn't hurt to have a few for moi.   

I've been busy.  Yesterday I painted the white frames black for my two red work embroidery pieces.  And finished re-arranging the wall above my shelf and hanging them with 3M Command Strips.  

I love it!  

What do you think?

Of course now my mind is buzzing how cute another embroidery work would look above these.  

But first I've cut out a pattern to sew a lining in our remote TV basket.  I hate to stop the embroidering but I'll like to make the lining with "pockets" for all our remotes.  I'm making my own pattern and taking time to think the steps through so I don't mess it up.  
Our porch at the "blue hour".  

My third LOVE!

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  1. You sure have been busy! I admire your being able to make so many of one thing. Anytime I try doing multiples,I get bored and think more about getting it done rather than just enjoying the process.

  2. Oh my Sandy, they look great, love the heart shape. And a beautiful shot of the blue hour! xo

  3. I can't wait to make one of those pin cushions. So cute. Love your view from the deck. Is that a screened porch?

  4. Good Heavens Sandy, you amaze me with all the stuff you get finished. While I'm still thinking about doing something you've already done heaps.
    I like what you've done with the red embroidery. It looks good there.