Saturday, June 15, 2013

Patriotic Crocheted Star

I found the cutest crocheted star last night.

And I mean during the wee hours of the night. 

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping. 

If I can't get back to sleep, I will grab my iPhone and blog until I get sleepy again. 

Our morning was busy filled with errands.  

After lunch I fell asleep while watching TV (I can sleep during the day...errrr...why not at night?) and woke up thinking about that little crocheted star.

I wanted to crochet one but I had a problem. 

I couldn't remember whose blog displayed the pattern.  

So I spent about 15 solid minutes looking through the blogs I follow on Bloglovin'.  

I jumped over to Ravelry but I couldn't find it there either.  

It was driving me crazy. 

I wanted to find it before the post was buried.  

Then I got lucky and found the blog - Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me.

Click over (here) for Sarah's free pattern. 

Jump over to my Ravelry page (here) for more details. 

I'm going to crochet more of them - maybe make a garland. 

How about you?

Are you game?
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  1. They're really cute - I think they would look great as a garland. :)