Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beautiful Morning

Our Kousa Dogwood is flowering beautifully.  

And it's growing.

I'm having my morning coffee out on our screened in porch.   

I hope to get our shed's flower boxes planted next week.

Our little travel van is all shiny from its pressure washing yesterday and ready to be packed for our Pleasure Way RV Rally in Cape May, NJ this weekend.  

The only negative of our trip is the forecast of thunderstorms every day except Sunday.  

We're bringing DVDs, books and, of course, my crochet if we are forced into the van because of rain during our free times.  

Here's a view of our home and screened porch from our back side yard.   Our back yard is shallow with most of our property off to the right side of our home as shown here. 

I don't usually post photos from this view but wanted to get our Kousa Dogwood and Mountain Green sugar maple in the photo.    

Gotta Love Retirement!
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  1. Oh yes, retirement is wonderful and I thank God every day (or try to) for being able to retire. It is not easy but worth the "restrictions". Your property is lovely, Sandy. Did you plant those trees when you first moved in? Stay safe (and dry, if possible) this weekend. xo

    1. Thank you Barbara! No, the Kousa Dogwood and Green Mountain Maple were planted around 2004 and/or 2006. We moved in late January 2000.

  2. Me too. I LOVE being retired!