Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Saturday

Wow...where did Spring go?  It's June 1st already?  I can't believe it.  We were traveling so much this Spring I didn't even have a chance to sit out on our screened in porch.  Not even once!
Hubby got the presser washer out of the shed and set it up for me.  So I spent this morning washing away all the dirt, grime and pollen.  I figured I better get it done early before it's too hot.  We've been having 90 degrees heat the last few days.

I've had trouble with my hands ever since I took my motorcycle license course in 2010 (and passed) for my Vesta scooter.  It was two consecutive days - five hours straight - and with the very thick handle bars it messed up my thumb joint areas on both hands.  Although the right one is the worst. are probably wondering what does this have to do with cleaning my porch and deck?  Well, I have to hold down the handle to wash with it and after awhile that messes up my thumbs.  So today I wrapped a piece of Velcro around the handle to hold it on to give my thumbs a rest.  And it worked beautifully.  
Yesterday I embroidered another red work design.  OK...I admit my machine embroidered it...all I had to do was program it. 

Isn't this chair cute!

And I figured out what to do with my two red work embroidered pieces. 

I framed them with two frames I had on hand (but never cared for the pictures in them).   I'm going to add black to the frame to make them pop more.  I may be too lazy to paint them - maybe I will black felt tip them in a check pattern.  Stay tune and I'll reveal where I put them.  

Have a lovely weekend.  I'm looking forward to setting up our porch for the summer.  I love to sit out there with a drink and read or crochet.  Wish you could join me!
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  1. I envy your porch all I have is a gazebo which is nice to sit in when and if we get any nice weather. Another string to your bow Sandy passing your motorcycle license.

  2. Great idea to put those embroidered items into picture frames. I'd love to get a vespa - maybe someday.

  3. My husband dreams of adding a porch to our house someday. Yours is gorgeous. Makes me want to sit outside with some ice cold lemonade....and maybe a few cookies!

  4. Those embroidered pieces are so great. I didn't know you had a scooter! Or maybe I did, just forgot! Old age, ya know. lol Stay cool. xo

  5. Oh wow...your screened porch looks nice all washed down...I bet it looks wonderful once its all back together.
    the red-work looks cool!
    Pretty neat that you have a machine to do all that.

    at the thrift store today, my daughter bought a Sears sewing machine for $15, w/ attachments, book, etc. It's an early 80's model. But it works great with different stitches, etc. I'm excited to get to teach her how to her spare time (she's in nursing school)
    I'd love to have a machine like yours that would embroider like that.
    I bet those will look cute when you get the frames painted and get them hung up!

    ...enjoy your porch! Pat

  6. I'm jealous--of your screened porch AND embroidery machine! I love the red chair! So wonderful! Pinning it!
    Susan @ Felted Button