Thursday, June 20, 2013

Busy As A Bee..Yard and Hobby Room

Our weather has been beautiful the last few days.  

Low humidity and lots of sunshine. 

I finally planted our shed's flower boxes. 

I picked two new flowers this year.

Vinca "Catharanthus Roseus" in purples - two shades and GoldFisch "Mexican Gold".

Never heard of either of them but they are suppose to be heat tolerant.   

Although I had to take a break from the flowers yesterday when we got the call my new sewing table was here.  

Thank goodness for one ton pick up trucks!   

And a sweet Hubby to get it home and into it's new space in my sewing room.

This one was easier to move than the cutting table...146 pounds vs. 300 plus!

Tomorrow we are going to Ikea to look at storage cabinets and drawers for our hobby rooms.  

I love to go to Ikea.  

We have an old VCR storage unit in our family room that we have converted to a DVD unit.  

But it isn't sized for DVDs so I'm going to see if we can find another solution for our DVDs at Ikea. 

Still tweaking my hobby area...I still don't know how I sewed all these years without a cutting table.  

The new Horn sewing table has three manual lift positions for the sewing machine (up, level and down).  

Most of the time it will be in the raised (up) position for the embroidery arm but I like having the option to lower it to a flat (level) position or even lower.    

The blue tape outlines the area I have to keep clear for the movement of the embroidery unit.

The table is manually adjustable for height too and it has rollers.   

I'm very pleased the new sewing table fits into my space just perfectly.

Isn't our Chestnut Oak beautiful?

It's great for shade too.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Wow, that table is like a fortress! Love your shed with the window boxes. xo