Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DROPS Waistcoat & Disney License Plate

I decided at the last minute to NOT take my Rainbow Scrap Afghan on our Florida road trip.  I was running out of some of my colors and I didn't want to drag the afghan all over the country in case I couldn't find the colors I needed.  

Plus we were limited in storage in our travel van and by the time I loaded all the different yarns for the afghan into my crochet bag it was stuffed, heavy and overflowing.   

Instead I choose a couple left over yarns in bright colors to try to make this waistcoat pattern from DROPS Designs.

"Drop" on over to the DROPS website and take a look - there are so many FREE cute waistcoat patterns to try. 

Another "Mickey"

Before we left on our trip we knew we wanted to find a cute front license plate souvenir from Walt Disney World.  

We hit all the shops at the Magic Kingdom but couldn't find any souvenir plates.  

Then I remembered a large shop in ToonTown but when we tried to find ToonTown we discovered it was completely gone.  

Disney is building a new section in the Magic Kingdom called Fantasy Land (coming 2012) which will showcase Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the Little Mermaid. 


We kept looking at the shops in the other parks too.  Epcot has several good shops and finally my Hubby found this adorable Disney license plate there.

We were so busy on our trip Hubby didn't have time to attach it on the van until we returned home! 

Isn't it cute!

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  1. Welcome back, Sandy! Boy, the month seemed to fly here, how about you? xo

  2. Looks like a great time was had. I love those last minute throw in a pattern and few ball of yarn kind of journeys. Can't wait to see this finished.