Sunday, November 13, 2011

There's No Place Like Home!

After 29 days touring Florida we are HOME and....

 yes, Dorothy...there's no place like home!

We arrived home yesterday afternoon.  

We had two long travel days in the van once we left Georgia.  Our last night in the van (in Wytheville, VA) the temperature fell to 25 degrees F.  

It was cold! 

But our propane heater kept us warm through the night.

 Yesterday we got up early, dressed and were on the road by 7:30 AM.  Well, Hubby was up and driving but I laid back down on the bed and slept until we stopped for breakfast, ate and went back to bed until 10:30 AM.  I even took two naps on the road later in the day.  I guess I was we were tired.  We went to bed last night and slept like babies.  

Today I'm doing the laundry from our trip while Hubby is winterizing the van.  I can't think of a thing to blog about except we're glad to be home.  We had a wonderful time on our road trip and we were very pleased with our new travel van.  

Enjoy listening to Judy Garland sing "Get Happy" and have a wonderful day!

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  1. Welcome home. Know you were missed. Can't wait to see some pics of the trip.

  2. Welcome back. You were missed around blogland!

  3. Glad you are home safely and have had a good time. Looking forward to your photos now.
    PS. Blogger won't let me comment any other waay at the moment

  4. I am happy you made it home safely my friend!

    Ricki Jill