Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a vintage Thanksgiving greeting from 1927!   

It is so appropriate for my blogging friends. 

These cute boy and girl pilgrim candles belonged to my Mother-in-Law.  They sat out on her Thanksgiving dinner table every year.  Boy, do we miss those wonderful dinners at their home. 

 I remember my Mom getting up very early to put the turkey on so we could have our Thanksgiving dinner in the early afternoon.  We dressed for dinner every Sunday and especially for the holiday dinners.  We would put our aprons on when cleaning up the dishes too.  You didn't want to get anything on your Sunday clothes.  My paternal Grandparents would come for dinner too.    


This is my Mom's silverware set of twelve that was used for every Sunday and holiday dinner.  There are two different patterns in her set.  

The original set of six was from the Nobility Silver Co., Inc., Newark NY, in the pattern "Reverie" which was produced from 1939 to the early WWII years.   The set included the sugar and creamer and a sugar spoon and butter knife.  I don't know for sure but I think my Mom may have purchased the Nobility silver and wooden chest (called the Ambassador) sometime in 1942.  

My paternal Grandmother had a full set of 12 in the Nobility "Reverie" pattern (which was passed down to my oldest brother and his wife).  

Nobility "Reverie" 

Wm Rogers "Spring Charm"
  The second set of silver is Wm Rogers Silver in a pattern called "Spring Charm" which was produced on or after 1950.  That is the pattern with the flowers. 

I never knew the pattern names of my silverware until recently when I found a  internet Facebook page for Nobility Silver.  You can find out just about anything on the internet. 

I just love my Mom's silverware set and am so pleased to have it after all these years. 

It's just the two of us here for Thanksgiving.  We're having an easy meal of hot turkey sandwiches with dressing, cranberry sauce and white corn.  And of course, pumpkin pie for dessert.

I'm DVRing the Macy's Thanksgiving parade to watch later.   I would love to see this parade someday in person....that would be a nice trip to go to NY over the Thanksgiving weekend, take in a Broadway Show and see the the parade too.  I must put that on my "bucket list".   

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day with Your Loved Ones.

Another vintage Thanksgiving greeting card!

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  1. Who makes those pilgrim candles???

    1. Sorry I haven't a clue. These are vintage candles - they sat out on my dearly departed in-laws Thanksgiving dinner table for many years - and I joined the family in 1974 so they are even older than that. I don't know when they got them or where.

  2. i had these in 1989. melted in the attic. would love to get them again... memories of my mom and dad