Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Storage Ideas

This is a neat idea for storing one's precious ornaments.

Every year when I take out my Christmas boxes I think there must be a better way to store all this stuff.  My Hubby is a fantastic packer and if I had him packed up all our Christmas decorations I'm sure he could reduce the number of boxes by fifty percent or more.

                  I tried this cardboard system one year using cardboard wrapping paper rolls to wrap the lights but it seemed to take up even more room and the rolls were too long to fit into my boxes.

This is where we store all of our Christmas decorations...under our basement stairwell.  It's pretty deep...goes way back in.  I've taken several boxes out before I shot this photo...with all the boxes stored in there it is filled up to the top of the stairs.

 I may take our lights, wreaths and other items that heat and/or cold would not affect and put them out in our shed to make more room under the stairwell.

I do like the clear boxes because it is easier to identify what is in each box without opening it.  

What about you....have you found some nifty ways to store your Christmas decorations?

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  1. I find lights to be the hardest to corral, ornaments, wreaths, wrapping paper is pretty easy. But those darn lights! xo

  2. These are great ideas! I'm afraid I don't have any good ones, though! ♥

  3. Oh, no, the closet door is open. You must have gotten started. Have fun and take lot of pics for me. We are not getting everything out again this year. Denver travels in the forecast for the week. It will be nice to see everyone else this year.

  4. Hi Sandy, wow, you are so well organised. We keep our decs in the loft, various boxes but nothing as neat as yours.
    I've having my first Giveaway for the latest issue of Molly Makes so I hope you'll enter.
    Carol xx

  5. Great ideas! I especially love the ornament storage idea...I might have to steal that one! :) I look forward to reading more on your blog.