Thursday, October 13, 2011

Did I Tell You I Love Color?

I added my first rows of black and white yarn to separate the bands of color on my 

Rainbow Scrap Afghan.  


Now I'm working on my second band of rainbow colors.  

Check out my previous post (here).

I'm not sure how many color bands I will be able to do...I just want this afghan to be lap size.  

If I run out of a color ~ I'm using left over yarn on this project ~ I hope I can find the yarn I need at Michaels. 

I was so surprised yesterday...

I got Pinned!  

Or rather my Rainbow Ruffles Scarf did!

I'm taking my Rainbow Scrap Afghan with me to Florida. 

We leave Saturday for Walt Disney World!!!! 

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  1. Have a fantastic holiday my family all love Dysney World.

  2. How could I not know WDW was Disney. Dah.. Silly me I knew that you went every year. Dad, G.B..... Hey, I love how your rainbow is turning out. Great fun pattern and love the color flow. I'm in my final rows on mine now. Isn't it fun. Have I told you I love color, too?...he-he... congrats on the pin.

  3. Ooooooh, you lucky gal...have a great time in WDW!!! I love it there!

  4. I can't believe it took me so long to find your blog :) Your rainbow afghan looks awesome, can't wait to see it finished! (That means I have to follow you now *gg*)

    Have fun in Disney World and think about visiting the Universal Parks, too - I've been there last year and I liked it better than WDW!

    Greetings from K-town/Germany,