Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Leaves at Teacup Lane

Lots of Fall leaves in our yard!

The sun is not shining here today but I couldn't resist taking some photos of our front yard filled with fall eaves.

Yummy pumpkin pie!

Today I baked a pumpkin pie using Libby's Can Pumpkin Mix (Libby's recipe here) and Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust.  I just realized I forgot to flute the pie edges...where was my mind!  We like our pumpkin pie with lots of I added more cinnamon then the recipe calls for.      

I figured out the calories per slice too so we can try to stay within our daily calorie ranges.  Well, that took two tries...the first time the calories seemed rather low until I realized I forgot to add in the calories for the pie crust.  Then when I showed my calculations to my Hubby he thought the amount for the pie crust seemed high...and it mistake I added the calories for two pie crusts instead of one.  LOL!  

We ran over to Target today to purchase our Christmas cards and pick up some other items.  My plan is to devote the Thanksgiving weekend for preparing our Christmas cards so they are ready to be mailed by the 1st of December.  I'm thinking up a new Christmas decoration for our front door and can't wait until I can show it to you... (hint...think Snowman!

Our home the day before Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Your home looks lovely. All our leaves have fallen now. I've been baking pies today too. Enjoy the holiday. Heather

  2. Your house looks beautiful in the fall leaves! And your pie looks pretty darn good too, even without fluted edges. I bet nobody refuses to eat it because of it. And if anybody is rude enough to mention it, don't let them have any! Ha! I'm such a hard-ass.

  3. Your mind.... was.... let's see.... doing something much more Pinning...he-he... Have a good one tomorrow.

  4. What a lovely late fall you still have, here the nature is barren and the foliage long gone.;))
    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well dear Sandy.;)