Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Setting RED Sun

This is a beautiful RED sunset shot I took Monday night at our campground near Ocean City, Maryland.  We were sitting in our RV and I looked at the sky and grabbed my camera to take a photo through the windows of the RV.  My hubby suggested I go outside to get a better picture and he was right.

Another view of the setting RED sun.

Here's a daytime view of the same trees and our RV (white one with the black truck).  These were wonderful sites - large with paved pads and even a pad for your vehicle.   We had a nice long weekend resting and semi-working - it was a "shake up" trip to clean, sort and organize the RV for our upcoming trip to Alaska later this month.    

We had a lovely view of the bay too.

That's Ocean City, Maryland in the background.

I'm posting this for REDnesday - please visit Sue's It's A Very Cherry World blog (here) for more delicious RED.

Hope you enjoyed our pictures!

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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous sunset!

    Red skies at night,
    Sailors' delight.

  2. Love your photos of the RedSunset....they're beautiful. As a camper / Motorhomer myself I really enjoyed looking at the campsite views too as I have only camped in the UK, Italy and France. You have so much space where you are.

  3. Incredible photos!!!! They look like a painting!!!! You have a very good eye for photography! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  4. Ah, that sunset is to die for, stunning!
    I love the other pictures as well, what a lovely place to be indeed.
    Inspired by your *red* post last week and your comments, i will be posting a red-related post too, but first tomorrow, hope you will like it.;)
    Have a lovely Wednesday Sandy,

  5. Well I certainly enjoyed viewing these photos Sandy. Aren't they big! Great shots.
    I've just come back for the second time had a job commenting.
    Hugs to you and have a great day,
    Love Suex

  6. Wow....that is just gorgeous and amazing!

    I hope you're having a beautiful week!

    : )

    Julie M.

  7. Wonderful photos. Looks like a good weekend.
    So you are off to Alaska. I'm sure you will love it. We did the Inside Passage cruise in 2007 in October and loved it. It is like a wild fronteer.
    I hope you will take us all along with you.

  8. Now that is a place where i would love to camp at...that pic of the sunset is gorgeous.

  9. The sunsets are just breathtaking...And that view of the bay makes me want to pack up and head out today for the beach!

  10. How interesting - as I'm looking at the two sunset photos I'm thinking they look so much like Africa. Then, in the daytime photo, I see there's a thatched roof in it - just like in Africa! I've never seen such a red sunset - gorgeous!

    That little yellow cabin is so unusual (to me) up on the blocks! I agree - let's all go to the beach! Meet you there soon!

    Word verification: bellspit. Sounds beachy to me!

  11. Just gorgeous! Reminds me of sunsets in Arizona. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  12. Super photos Sandy and a lovely campsite - I hope we can get our trailer and campign gear out soon - nothing as grand as your RV but quite comfortable - will show you later in the year - Alaska, now that sounds fun **Kim**x

  13. Wow Sandy those are beautiful pictures of the sunset. Isn't it wonderful being by the water, so restful.

    Hope everything checked out okay with the RV and it's in good shape for the trip. Can't wait to follow along with you on your trip. We will be coming back the first week in June, just as you are making your way out here!

  14. Spectacular sunset and you took such good pics of it. Thanks too for the pics of your trip. My husband and I lived in Middleburg, Virginia before we moved to Idaho and we have been to Maryland many times. Happy Rednesday!!

    susan and Bentley

  15. Oh my gosh!! Words fail (but i'll try ;) Stunning, flaming sunset. I don't know that I've ever seen one like it. Happy REDnesday~

  16. These are just amazing reds! Wow. Very beautiful. Liked those docks too. Maryland is beautiful, can't wait for Alaska photos, too.
    My first REDnesday is up:

  17. Goregous sunset!!!!! thanks for sharing it...

  18. What a gorgeous sunset!! I just love Ocean City, Maryland. We used to take the kids to swim there when we lived in Alexandria, VA.
    I wish you a great trip up to Alaska. Take lots of pictures to share with us.
    The Tattered Tassel