Thursday, May 6, 2010

Candy Sundae

Candy Colors....

Candy Sundae....

All that is missing is the whipped cream, nuts and cherry!  

Don't the "dreaded ends" make a beautiful candy, colored sundae?  

Come join me on the porch.

What favors do you like?

Have a seat.  It's nice to have you here.
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  1. what does one do with all the little threads? I usually weave mine in, or try to include them as I go...but like you, I end up with 'ends'!
    I heard someone say to give them to the birds for nest making...but, is harmful to the birds? I've seen nest with string,hair,tissue paper, all woven into the nest?
    What say you? ...What do you do with them?
    Oh, could you use them for stuffing, in say, a pin cushion? (just thought of that one)

    just curious!

  2. This was so funny! Yes indeed, why not.;))) I LOVE colours, so this one appeals to me plenty, and I sure would love to join you on that porch.;))
    Have a lovely day dear Sandy,

  3. In the spring I take the yarn & thread ends & put them on a small table in my back yard & the birds will swoop down & steal them for their nest building. Every once in a while we see a colorful nest!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  4. How pretty. Some quilters use these pieces to make fabric!


  5. And very inviting it looks too. Wish I could pull up one of those lovely chairs and have a cuppa and a chat.
    Oh well this will have to do !

  6. I likeso much your blog. the works in crocht and the colors enchant to me! I also am following.
    besos para ti.

  7. I'd love to be sitting there with you SAndy! YOur outside are looks heavenly! And that dessert ooh yummy!
    Crochet them in and make a blanket. Love to you Suex

  8. Sorry, but I'm all Candy Sundae'd out over here. I'm even past the black fudge sauce. It will be along time before I do another grannie. Still have to work on the border, but for now all 144 are sewn together. Sorry, to let you know is not fun. Hang in there, it is pretty awesome when all together.