Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink!

Just as we were leaving home yesterday for the start of our RV Alaska Trip I took some photos of my lone surviving Peony plant.  We had all of our over grown landscaping pulled out in the front of our home last fall and they missed this plant.  I'm glad... because now I can transplant it to another area in our yard.  Isn't it a pretty pink flower?  

Our truck and 5th Wheel Travel Trailer almost set up for the first night in Ohio on our trip to Alaska.  See all the water - we had heavy rains and was it muddy around this site.

Hubby drove 392 miles yesterday through overcast, dark, misty and foggy weather with heavy rains to reach our first campground in Streetsboro, Ohio.  It's a pretty campground with large ponds.   Boy, were we tired.  We didn't watch TV or DVDs...just too pooped out.  We sat in our easy chairs and talked until bedtime.  Streetsboro is a town near Kent, Ohio where we met while attending Kent State University.  It's about an hour's drive east of Cleveland, Ohio - the area where we were both raised.  

Tomorrow we are visiting the new RV Museum at Elkhardt, Indiana and we should have some vintage RV photos to share with you.

Sandy at Teacup Lane
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  1. Hi Sandy,
    Your peony is indeed a gorgeous shade of pink! Have a safe and wonderful trip to Alaska.


  2. Beautiful flower.;)
    Have a safe trip, I wish I was the one on the road, instead here I am, getting ready for work.;)

  3. Love the pink flower.
    I'm quite excited to be going on your trip with you so soon after my own holiday. I love holidays don't you? I'm always eager to go somewhere new and see the sights and as it is fairly unlikely (you never know !!!) that I will ever be going where you are, I'm keen to sit beside you ( is there room there in the front seat ?) and soak in the sights !!

    Drive carefully

  4. sounds like you are going to have a fantastic trip, I've always wanted to see Alaska !

  5. How exciting! Can't wait to see more of your trip!!

  6. Sandy how exciting to be on the road!! Look forward to following along - have fun! - hope the weather improves x