Sunday, May 16, 2010

Black Beauty - A Work In Progress

It’s Mosaic Monday!

I'm making progress on my huge 288 granny square blanket project.   I've named this blanket "Black Beauty"!  So far I have finished eight rows of black squares by the "join as you go" method.  Whew...and I won't even be half way until nine rows are done.  Previous posts on Black Beauty (here).

The black really makes the colors POP!

Setting up colors...row by row

This yarn, "Simply Soft", is so super duper soft.  It feels wonderful!
But.. black yarn is a bear to crochet!
Black Beauty... not even half done....
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Sandy at Teacup Lane
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  1. Wow, that looks wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  2. But when it's done, you're going to love it after all that work!
    I agree that the black really sets the coloured squares off - thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, I love this! You've done such a great job and I do like the black tying it all together.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. That is going to look wonderful. A nice place to snuggle under on chilly night. Have a great week.

  5. Just beautiful! I can't wait to see it all together!

  6. Black Beauty is coming along beautifully...
    it is going to be such a treasure to behold when finished...

  7. Oh Sandy it is going to be a gorgeous afghan! I love how the black background makes the colors "pop"!

  8. That is beautiful! Lovely colour combination and your collage is so professional as well.;)
    Have a lovely Monday,

  9. OOh Sandy you sent me into panic mode! I looked on the list. Your name is there under Patty Gloria! Its me who was left off. I should have been at the top. I'm so pleased you told me, but as I say you were there.

    This black has worked so well. I was just looking at your photos on Flickr. The mosaic is really great too. Working well.....
    Love to you,
    Sue x

  10. Wow it looks great already. what a lot of work but you'll be so happy with it when it's done , I'm sure. Might need it when you go to Alaska?

  11. Beautiful. Sandy that is going to be so wonderful when you have finished. My fingers are itching to start my next one but I have packed everything for up north!


  12. I have a picture of my black beauty on my blog , it is nowhere near as nice as yours , love it !

  13. We're all muddled. Lets start again. I've been in a rush this morning, didnt read properly.

    The contributors over in the left hand side bar.
    Yes they have contributed Squares. But that is for the 'team blogging'. SIBOL is 'team blogging' a team effort. When you either ask for an invitation to team blog or when I ask you. You then write a post about Squares or whatever in connection with SIBOL. Could just be your thoughts. I would love you to team blog with us. Would you like to? I'll send you an invitation now and then its up to you. No pressure.
    I got muddled because I was thinking it was the post I wrote a few days ago on Mrs Twins about the History of SIBOL. I put your name up there because you had sent squares you are under 'Patty Gloria'.
    Sorry I didn't read properly. Mondays a busy day for me.
    Love Sue and many thanks. x

  14. What lovely crocheting!!! I have a very old afghan crocheted in these squares with black background. A great-aunt made it over 50 years ago. It's still warm on a winter's evening!!! Cathy

  15. just amaze me gal with all that you accomplish!! This blanket is awesome!! Funny cause on my monitor it looks brown! Gorgeous!
    You have such a knack for color!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week, sweetie!

  16. Going to be a warm and colourful blankie for someone to snuggle in. Keep up the good work. Valerie

  17. WOW! I love it.
    I love seeing what other people are making.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugz, D'Ann

  18. Hi Sandy,
    Your project is coming along beautifully. The black does make the colors pop! Can't wait to see it finished!

  19. That will be unique - I've never seen the pattern joined in black. Keep at it - it will be gorgeous!

  20. Sandy- that looks wonderful!
    I have one of these in lap size. My MIL gave it to me (a friend of hers made it) It isn't as big as yours is going to be. But it is black around all the squares...very colorful.When I see it; it reminds me of my MIL...she passed in Oct.

    Yours is looking so good! keep at it.

  21. Hi Sandy,

    I totally appreciate what you are making and working with black yarn is blinding at times. I've been a crocheter for going on 18 years. I love crocheting with wool fingering/sock weight yummy and soft. Black Beauty is a beauty. :0) Let me know when it's finished. I'd love to see it.

    I'm visiting for Mosaic Monday..I'd love for you come over for a visit.

    Stephanie ♥

  22. Wow, Sandy! That's a lot of work. It looks very soft. I like what you've named it too! Hope you're having a lovely day.


  23. What a beautiful blanket!! I have a question about it....what size hook did you use? Thx.

  24. Thank you! I used a size H hook.