Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mr. Claus Potholder

I'm crazy about Santas!  

You know that if you are a regular reader of my blog. 

This is the first of my three Mr. Claus Potholders.  

I always consider the first try of a pattern practice. 

The pattern for the body had you chain three at the start of each round.  

Which I did but... I don't care for it because the start of each round is more noticeable. 

For the last two I crocheted the body in rounds with no chains at the beginning.  

It looks much better.  

The tricky part is getting the thumbs and legs pointing in the correct direction.  

For example, it's confusing...when the pattern says "left" arm - which arm do they mean?  

Is it when looking at the photo it's the arm on my left?  

Or is "left" the left arm of the body when facing out?

The pattern has Santa with wide legs so I modified the next two and bought the legs closer together.

I'll show the others closer up in the next posting.

Through trial and error I finally got the thumbs and feet pointing correctly.

But only after frogging many tries on all three Santas!

I'm not using any of the Santa's as potholders so I didn't crochet any backs.  

I'm hanging them on my brick fireplace.

They make me laugh every time I look at the fireplace. 

Click (here) for Mr. Claus Potholder details and pattern link.

Click (here) for Mr. Claus Potholder II.

Click (here) for Mr. Claus Potholder III. 

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  1. Well, those are just so cute!
    I do know what you mean about getting the thumbs going the right way... I've been sewing mittens for my grandkids from old sweaters and and fleece linings... My WORD! I do get confused!!! LOL!

  2. More cuteness, Sandy. I would just have a jumbled ball of wool, I am sure, while trying to figure it all out!

  3. You need a couple of Mrs. Claus' now! lol Those would be adorable!

  4. They are adorable, you did a great job with all of them.

  5. Cute, cute potholder decorations! Looks like a lot of time and work went into those.

    1. Actually Pammy Sue these aren't hard…except figuring out the correction direction of the thumbs and feet I would have them done very quickly. LOL!

  6. So sweet,beautiful!!
    Happy week.:*