Monday, December 1, 2014

Chilly Willy

Today's the first day of December!  

I have to get busy with our Christmas cards and draft up our annual Christmas Letter.  

Luckily our Christmas shopping is done just have to wrap the gifts this week. 

"Chilly Willy", the November "Party with Patrick" project, is finished.  

Chilly is an adorable snowman wall hanging. 

I had this textured "3D"ish creamy white colored plush fabric on hand called "Minky".  

It looks like snow. 

It's perfect for the snowman. 

I haven't been feeling 100% the last few days so the house is a little messier than I like.  

My biggest headache is paper.  

What to do with it.  

And where to file it.  

My dream is in our new home - because we will have a separate office there - is that all incoming mail will go into the office for processing and NOT into my kitchen as it currently does!  

Anyway that's my dream. 

Kitchen is for food and office is for paper!

My messy little office spot in the dinette.

And I plan to keep my yarn stash in the new home's lower level hobby room so that will eliminate storing yarn in a bedroom.  

Sewing and yarn stash will be in my area of the new hobby room!

Our goal is to have a more clutter free home in Ohio.  

Of course our current home is in a state of disorder with sorting and packing going on in different rooms in various stages.

I have resigned myself to accepting the state of affairs when one is getting ready to move.

We are still a few months away from moving but I will be glad when all of this is behind us.

Now to get busy on that Christmas Letter!

Have a lovely week! 

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  1. Love the snowman! What a neat thing to hang and look at in the winter...nice.

  2. Yarn IS like chocolate... in that respect. ;)

    I'm liking your dream! Everything has a place and everything will be in it's rightful place. And!!! the made will see to it ALL...

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  4. That snowman is so adorable. Love the texture of it. Before you know it, the day of the move will be here!

  5. How fun to be able to plan a craft area from the ground up. It is going to be amazing.